Archetypal Wisdom

We are living through times of increasing uncertainty, complexity and even chaos. To help make sense of our emerging new world - and how we can most effectively act and interact within it - renowned leadership experts Olivier Mythodrama have released the Archetypal Wisdom Podcast

Archetypes are the underlying patterns of human nature and experience that occur throughout history and across all cultures. They are the organising factors and primordial principles that lie behind appearances but give people, events and epochs their distinct energetic footprint. As such they are, often invisibly, ‘running the show’. The better we understand their patterns and the more we learn to work with them, the more effective we will be.

This series draws wisdom from Mythology and Shakespeare, Archetypal Psychology and Cosmology - as well as emerging insights from the Quantum Field - to offer unique insights into the multi-dimensional challenges of our times. 

Listen to introduction from our Founder & Artistic Director, Richard Olivier

Series: Wisdom of Shakespeare


Introduction to the Wisdom of Shakespeare

Welcome to our first instalment of the Archetypal Wisdom Podcasts,  where we focus on the wisdom offered by the plays of William Shakespeare. Join Ben Walden, our Director of Classic Programmes at Olivier Mythodrama, as he introduces us to aspects of the profound understanding that can be drawn from the stories. Learn how Shakespeare’s study of human nature can inform and inspire our insights on Leadership and Organisational Culture.

Episode 1

The Wisdom of Shakespeare with Sir Mark Rylance

Welcome to our first episode in the new series. We are delighted to introduce a special guest, the actor Sir Mark Rylance. Mark shares his thoughts on the influence of Shakespeare throughout the world and the deep impact of his work as a guide to human understanding. He reflects on characters who display purpose and vision at times of crisis and explores  the power and level of depth psychology behind the plays.

How can the plays influence our capacity to navigate the challenges and uncertainty of our current times? Where is The Tempest strongly linked to themes of transformational change within a culture? How can his Henry V be used as a guide to inspire authentic leadership? Mark addresses these questions and many more...



Episode 2

Archetypal Wisdom: As You Like It

Welcome to Episode 2, where Senior Programme Directors Robin Alfred and Phyllida Hancock introduce leadership themes through Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’. The play’s central premise follows a group of characters fleeing the old court in search of a new future in the Forest of Arden.

Robin and Phyllida explore the theme of being open to new culture changing possibilities in a more unpredictable but enlightened world. Discover how enforced adaptation can shed light on unsustainable working practices and provide opportunity for fresh insights into a new and reviving future. Themes of great relevance to our turbulent times.

Episode 3

Archetypal Wisdom: Julius Caesar

Welcome to Episode 3, where Senior Programme Director Phyllida Hancock and Director of Classic Mythodrama Ben Walden introduce the leadership themes within ‘Julius Caesar’.

Shakespeare’s most political play tells the story of four figures vying for power: Julius Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and Mark Antony. The differing fates of the main characters reflect their varying abilities to gauge the temperature of the times and to mobilise support for their positions. Discover how the play explores the power of influence and appreciation of the subtleties of effective political manoeuvring. Learn how an improved ability to read and navigate politics will support leading in the workplace.



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