Which Product is Right for You?

The success of any leadership development programme depends on what you want to get out of the programme and us understanding and doing two things well;

  1. Understanding your context and the issues you want to solve – and using the most relevant Shakespeare story to bring it to life and explore parallel themes.
  2. By uncovering your underlying mindset so we can get the deepest root cause. We do this through archetype psychology.

You choose intensity level

Each course comes in multiple formats depending on how immersive the experience you need, or how extensive is the issue you face.

What to expect

Having presence and being able to enhance your natural ‘performance’ is part of being a leader, however don’t worry we do not expect you to perform Shakespeare!

See our Leadership Programmes for a choice of programmes.

If you are still uncertain on the specific leadership issues faced by your organisation we can offer a transformational session which is designed to diagnose and reveal the deep-rooted characteristics within your organisation.

Or you may prefer to dip your toe in with our most popular course which holds up a mirror to most leadership challenges in our thought provoking, inspirational half day Henry V session.