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Helping you manage and lead in uncertain times

For those that are in want or need of leadership development and support, we have now started on-line delivery and would be delighted to support individuals, teams and other groups, virtually.

To that end, all of our programmes are now available for online delivery - in blocks of 3-4 hours - with immediate effect.

Could you and your people use advice:


All of these Classic Mythodrama programme are infused with our new world class Archetypes at Work method which we also now offer introductions to in its own right:

  • Archetypal Situational Leadership - How to enable yourself and your people to embody different aspects of leadership to meet a truly VUCA time.
  • Archetypes at Work Coaching - For leaders wondering how to stretch themselves to meet current circumstances and others needing an objective ear and eye to lend to their urgent decision making.


We are aware that all of us will need to show resilience and adaptability to meet the challenges of these unique and historic events and we want to be reassure you that we are present and willing to extend our capacity to support any needs you might have. 


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