Transformational Leadership

Leadership lessons from ‘The Tempest’

Who is it for

  • Organisations undergoing or about to undergo major changes
  • Leaders seeking to better understand and manage the differing responses to change they are likely to face
  • Those wishing to learn more about the dynamics of transformation and transformational leadership

The impact of this programme

  • Greater understanding of how change is likely to be perceived and responded to by different groups within an organisation
  • Improved abilities to implement successful changes at work
  • Awareness of how leaders themselves need to change to effect transformations in their wider working environments
  • Insight into the power of symbolic action to cement change

Overview of story

The Tempest tells the story of an exiled Duke-magician who summons up a storm to shipwreck key figures from his past on his island. Initially inclined towards revenge, he instead uses his powers to teach them the errors of their ways, tailoring the lessons to the individuals concerned. At the end of the play, he frees everyone on the island, including
himself, from the burdens of the past.

The theme of this programme is change: the skilful management of the forces at play to bring about the successful transformation of an organisation. This is known as transformational leadership development.

All businesses experience major shake-ups from time to time, whether due to internal initiatives or external drivers. This programme uses the unique creative perspective provided by Shakespeare’s last great play to explore how best to navigate them. What kind of a storm needs to be generated within your organisation? And how can you cater for the different perspectives and reactions of those within it to ensure the optimum outcome?

Archetypes at play

Leading – Explorer / Transformer / Renegade / Dreamer
Supporting – Lover / Storyteller

Archetypes - Inspirational Leadership

Format options

Each course comes in multiple formats depending on how immersive an experience you need, or how extensive are the issues you want to overcome.
Key note, half day, 1, 2, 3, 5 days + bespoke programme.

What to expect

Having presence and being able to enhance your natural ‘performance’ is part of being a leader, however don’t worry we do not expect you to perform Shakespeare!