Leadership Consultancy

We appreciate that is it rarely ever a single challenge that prevents your organisation from achieving its vision.

Whether you are striving for large scale transformational change, to attract and retain talent, to improve productivity or to increase customer loyalty, there are many stakeholders you need to influence and many roadblocks that can halt progress.

Our Approach

Working alongside your senior leadership team, we can help review and diagnose what is holding your organisation back and work together to put a leadership development plan in place to achieve long term, repeatable business performance.

Should we identify that it would be helpful for select individuals or larger leadership groups to experience our progressive breakthrough programmes, we can offer immediate solutions to kick start a wider programme.

Our network includes several strategic partnerships with other leadership development companies, who we may recommend where highly specific work is needed.

Let’s have an open exploratory conversation to identify the best approach for your organisation.

See below for a flavour of our off the shelf programmes :

Our flagship product which covers most leaderships themes.  Preparing for big challenges and changing the culture of an organisation. Motivate & inspire others with your sense of purpose. Understand the impact your actions have on others and align your workforce around a vision.  

Understand & manage your response to change.  Creative a climate for change which engages the workforce. Identify the change champions, new change leadership roles and strategies. 

Leading in a hierarchical organisation. How to influence others positively. How to change internal politics, form productive coalitions and create rapport. Leading with power but with also emotional intelligence.

Rise above obstacles & situations.  Identify & change workforce culture.  Discover your future purpose.  Learn habitual methods of expert thinking and uncover remedies that work.

Creating stable leadership after takeovers/mergers. Working with ‘derailers’ and your personal shadows.  Understanding leadership styles & consequences of complicit behaviours. Quiet, contemplative leadership, instilling coping strategies.   

Identify management change needed in times of volatile, uncertain situations.  Enjoy the journey of transformation embracing evolutionary change. Becoming a creative catalyst. Develop future wise leadership.

Deep dive into your authentic identity and service. Identifying your call to adventure and leadership instincts.  Ascent to ‘mature’ leadership, learning from others and illuminating your path into service. Achieving a mutual sense of purpose.

Make an even bigger impact and learn the fundamentals of presentation.  Increase effectiveness and get into ‘the zone’.  Working with your inner critic and the principles of presence. A conscious leadership programme.

We also offer programmes for specialist audiences such as the unique challenges experienced by women leaders . And also bespoke programmes & consultancy.

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This has had a profound impact on me and my leadership – the best insights I’ve had for years.

VP, McDonald’s Corporation