Online Immersion Training

Archetypes are key underlying patterns in human nature and experience. When you understand all 10 of these patterns - and learn how to activate them at will, you will become truly, future-fit. This training combines ancient wisdom and cutting-edge experiential learning techniques to enhance your effectiveness in life and work - and for those who choose to study further - as development practitioners.  It offers a series of simple tools and exercises to approach all 10 Archetypes both from ‘inside -out’ and ‘outside-in’.



Archetypes are ‘at Work’ all the time, whether we recognise it or not. They deeply inform the character we present to the world and are, often invisibly, ‘running the show’. The better we understand these patterns and the more consciously we use them, the more effective we will be.

This training will enhance your agency and impact in life and work. Most development models are cognitive, this one is a lived experience. You will learn to embody the Archetypes and bring them into your daily experience as a ‘lived reality’.

The course offers a series of simple tools and multi-disciplinary exercises to approach all 10 Archetypes with an integrated practice; working with heart, mind, body and imagination to stimulate lasting and meaningful change. You can choose to join us for:

1x Archetype - A taster to experience a lesser used Archetype

3x Archetypes - Short term gain to remedy pressing concerns

6x Archetypes  - Medium term gain for improved effectiveness in chosen areas

10x Archetypes - Long term gain for personal transformation in all areas of life or work

The more you do the more you will be able to choose to act from different desired archetypal points of view in future. As you learn to activate these energy patterns in yourself you will gain agility and resilience - able to change your approach when you choose and having greater and deeper strength as a result.

You will leave the course with a development plan to activate the Archetypes of your choice - and with a co-coach to engage beyond the Immersion.

For professional practitioners there will be follow up opportunities to train as an Archetypes at Work Facilitator, Coach and/or Archetype Preference Report debriefer.

Who is it for

This programme brings together a real diverse mixture of people from Programme Management, the world of HR, Senior Coaches, Business Owners and Creative Therapists. 

It is suited to:

  • Those looking to understand how to motivate, engage and inspire others in different and appropriate ways 
  • Anyone wishing to expand their range of leadership styles, influencing skills and behaviours 
  • Individuals, wishing to explore a meaningful and practical path towards personal development
  • Professional and personal development practitioners seeking a coherent frame to understand individuals and systems - and guide them through change effectively
  • Those wanting to develop the tools to make their lives and work more 'future-fit' especially through difficult and challenging times.
  • Organisations wanting to foster a positive and proactive working environment
  • Those wanting to broaden their horizons to meet our brave new world

The impact of this programme

  • Develop individuals and teams, using a proven methodology based on performance psychology
  • Expand your repertoire to become more versatile and effective
  • Understand yourself and others in a profound way - recognise gifts, honour diversity and mitigate ‘shadow’ behaviours
  • Maximise abilities to motivate and inspire action within projects and teams
  • Develop agility and focus - enhancing life and leadership skills to meet a complex world

Course Information


With Thought Leader - Richard Olivier

And the Archetype Immersion Team - Michael Boyle, Pavanne Chatha, Adam Fotheringham, Lesley Quilty and Yolanda Vasquez




2 Online Sessions Per Week for 10 Weeks
(21 sessions in total, including Introduction to the Archetypes)


Tuesdays & Thursdays

14th September to 18th November 2021


2pm - 5:15pm (London,UK time)


Sovereign Archetype

14th & 16th September 2021

Strategist Archetype

21st & 23rd September 2021

Nurturer Archetype

28th & 30th September 2021

Lover Archetype

5th & 7th October 2021

Dreamer Archetype

12th & 14th October 2021

Storyteller Archetype

19th & 21st October 2021

Renegade Archetype

26th & 28th October 2021

Transformer Archetype

2nd & 4th November 2021

Warrior Archetype

9th & 11th November 2021

Explorer Archetype

16th & 18th November 2021

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