Go beyond personality types to the fundamental drivers of behaviour

As an independent practitioner in the world of coaching, mentoring and facilitating, Archetypes at Worktm is a model you simply can’t afford to ignore. Not only does it offer a revolutionary new way of looking at how we think and behave, but through learning the method you’ll gain practical, real world skills you can use time and again to help your clients grow and develop in ways they – and perhaps you – never believed possible. Deep, transformational, lasting change that makes a positive difference to the people you serve - and makes you an indispensable partner.


We Contain Multitudes

You’ve seen way too many theories that label people as one thing or another and, let’s be honest, we all know it’s more complex than that. We all carry multiple characteristics within us, some leading our actions, where others are more offstage depending on the context we find ourselves in.

That’s exactly what Archetypes at Work™ reveals. We’ve identified ten Archetypes present within us all that are the key to underlying patterns of human nature and experience. These traits deeply inform the character we present to the world and underpin the culture of teams and organisations. In fact, Archetypes are - often invisibly - ‘running the show’. The better we understand archetypal patterns and the more consciously we use them, the more effective we become. With Archetypes at Work™ you will understand how to help clients access and tap into these ‘states of being’ to achieve more or to adapt habitual responses to most effectively meet the situations they find themselves in.


60 years of Innovation and Thought Leadership

Archetypes at Work™ has been developed by renowned archetypal development consultant Laurence Hillman, PhD, and Founder and Artistic Director of Olivier Mythodrama, Richard Olivier. Laurence and Richard have been exploring Archetypal Psychology for a combined 60 years, working with individuals to C-suite teams at global organisations such as Mercedes, Deloitte, BP and many more.

Richard will present the July 29th workshop, introducing Archetypes at Work™ as the product of a long-term aim to help drive change to more effective, agile, versatile and future fit leaders – much needed for these challenging times.

Practitioner Training Details

Practitioner Training Journey

Online Immersion Programme

14th Sep - 19th Nov 2021 (20 Sessions Tue & Thu) | 14:00 – 18:00 GMT

Please visit our Online Immersion page for details

Facilitation Training

30th Nov & 7th Dec 2021 (2 Sessions) | 13:00 – 17:00 GMT

Programme Overview

This training will enable you to introduce the key components of the Archetypes, and facilitate people beginning to work with their gifts and shadows.

What you will Learn:

Session 1 will equip you with the essentials of how to use the Archetypes when working with individuals and is a pre-requisite for the Archetypes at Work™ Coaching Training.

Archetypal Training for Coaches

4th - 20th Jan 2022 (6 Sessions Tue & Thu) | 14:00 – 18:00 GMT

Programme Overview

Our coaching training is designed as a sequential progression for each coach to receive a full, in-depth coaching experience. 

What you will Learn:

Beginning with an intensive analysis of your relationship as a coach to all 10 Archetypes, you will learn, participate in and practice unique techniques and processes at every stage over the 6 modules.

In addition, you have a preliminary 1-1 coaching session with an Archetypes at Work™ coach and will be part of a practice triad.

Archetypal Preferences™ Report Training

11th - 25th Feb 2022 (3 Sessions) | 14:00 – 18:00 GMT

Programme Overview

The Archetypal Preferences™ Report (APR) is a new and exciting tool for those clients who have seen it all. It is a leadership development tool for everyone. The APR will greatly enhance your client’s personal and professional life while it is also fun and activates a highly creative response. It gives clients a new sense of learning with a completely new approach for a new world.

Tested in the field, the APR offers leadership direction and guidance for today’s leaders because it accesses our innate full spectrum of skills. Great leaders can access multiple parts of themselves and the APR tells your clients what potentials could be further developed.

What you will Learn:

The training will teach you to understand the theory behind the tool and how to introduce it to clients. You will be able to debrief your clients, navigate their responses and use it for their personal and professional development.


Individual Sessions
Facilitation Training 2x Sessions £249 GBP / $349 USD
Coaching Training* 6x Sessions £599 GBP / $829 USD
APR Training 3x Sessions £449 GBP / $619 USD


*NB: Min. 1x Session of Facilitation Training is required to attend the Coaching Training

Facilitation (Session 1 only) + Coaching Training £699 GBP / $959 USD
Facilitation (Sessions 1 & 2) + Coaching Training £749 GBP / $1,029 USD
Facilitation (Sessions 1 & 2) + APR Training £699 GBP / $959 USD
Facilitation (Sessions 1 & 2) + Coaching + APR Training £999 GBP / $1,369 USD


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