All programmes are currently available as 1/2-day, 1-day, 2-day, 3-day and bespoke programmes:

Experience a new cutting-edge method to assess and develop people and organizations

Individual Development

One-to-one coaching and small to large groups of individuals across different areas of an organization

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Assessing current personal and professional archetypal pattern – Gifts and Shadows.
  • Understanding different points of view and their value
  • Exploring untapped inherent potential and capacities
  • Creating a personal archetypal

Team Development

For small to large groups who work together and/or share objectives within an organization

  • Increased team awareness
  • Shared understanding of team strengths and blind spots
  • Mutual appreciation of diverse skill sets and perspectives
  • Addressing live team issues through an archetypal lens
  • Enhanced collaboration and effective communication

Organizational Development

For individuals and groups at all levels across an organization

  • Increased systemic awareness
  • Identifying and activating the archetypal patterns that are required for sustained success creating links between OD goals and human behaviours
  • Improving overall performance
  • Embedding new desired skill sets and qualities on an archetypal level
  • Helping your people activate and live into their desired future
  • Creating human alignment with organizational direction

HR – Licensed Training

For HR professionals, in-house OD consultants, coaches and trainers

  • Increased awareness of organizational capacities and shortcomings
  • Ability to deliver Archetypes at Work™ methodology and workshops
  • Creating common language around development goals
  • Facilitating individuals and groups to assess current archetypal patterns – Gifts and Shadows
  • Helping others identify archetypal deficits and create archetypal development plans

Culture Change

For leaders, managers and levels of an organisation tasked with changing system culture and/or modelling desired future culture

  • Becoming future fit
  • Systemic analysis of the organization's past and current archetypal patterns
  • Building shared agreement about the desired future culture
  • Identifying the new required organizational archetypal pattern
  • Recognizing the archetypal patterns blocking desired change
  • Creating bespoke engagement solutions to ‘future-fit culture’
  • Linking rewards to desired individual behaviours and required collective culture

Planetary Purpose

For senior leaders and boards tasked with creating sustainable and purpose driven organizations

  • Finding the most effective ways to ‘do less harm’ and ‘do more good’
  • Higher-level insights into overall direction and purpose
  • Learning to listen to the whispers of the future
  • Tuning into deeper collective purpose
  • Consideration of your contribution and responsibility to the wider world