Inspirational Leadership

Leadership lessons in challenging times, from Shakespeare’s Henry V

Thursday 3 December 2020 13:00-17:00 (London, UK Time)


Shakespeare’s Henry Vis the story of a leader who is at their best in a time of significant fear, uncertainty and doubt – a period where the abilty to transform is essential. It provides a template for leaders to evaluate themselves under pressure and examine their big projects in the face of challenging  times.  Henry must step into a new role, gather a diverse team together, gain support for a demanding project and then overcome significant difficulties on the journey towards a great victory against the odds.

We highlight themes of, vision, motivation and inspiration, all the more important if facing adverse conditions, in a highly experiential programme.  In hard times we need to show leadership that inspires ourselves and others to be at our best.

Participants are introduced to an overview of the story and then explore the leadership challenges most relevant to them in a dynamic 4 hour programme which offers opportunity for detailed interaction and questions.

Who is it for

Anyone in a leadership role looking to enhance skills of motivation and authentic, lasting inspiration.

The impact of this programme

  • Increased awareness of different leadership styles under pressure and how they can most effectively be utilised to unite members of an organisation behind its purpose and goals
  • Insight into the nature of inspiration, motivation and the building of trust
  • A deeper understanding of participants’ own sense of purpose and how they can best inspire others
  • Techniques and strategies for managing in “the dark night”. Leading and supporting others and ourselves through challenging and unpredictable times.

Programme Outline

The story shows us key themes Shakespeare raises in a demanding leadership journey towards an ambitious goal. Following the arc of the story and crucially interlinked these themes include:

  • Engaging people’s sense of purpose and uniting teams behind an inspiring vision
  • Awareness of many different “archetypal” character qualities in play within a group and developing skill in authentically embodying these within ourselves.
  • Positively motivating teams to achieve their potential and delivering tough messages skilfully when necessary
  • Leading with high strategic and emotional intelligence through transformational times of fear, uncertainty and doubt
  • “Turning the battlefield into a garden” – sustaining and reviving the culture after periods of  upheaval and change

Workshop Information


Ben Walden / Director of Classic Mythodrama


Online Workshop


Thursday 3 December 2020


13:00-17:00 (London, UK Time)