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In the end, it all comes down to people and values… In its most pessimistic, dehumanized form, the Fourth Industrial Revolution may indeed have the potential to “robotize” humanity and thus to deprive us of our heart and soul. But as a complement to the best parts of human nature – creativity, empathy, stewardship – it can also lift humanity into a new collective and moral consciousness based on a shared sense of destiny.

Klaus Schwab, Founder & Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our approach is designed to get past the jaded ‘been there seen it all cynicism’, the increasing remoteness of our workplace and generational stereotypes. Creatively blending great stories from Shakespeare with leadership development theory, archetypal characteristics and techniques from theatre, our work is more relevant than ever to the challenges of today.

How can the wisdom of Shakespeare help me?

“What is a city but the people?” A leader is only a leader if people are willing to follow. To not only be visible, but to find the words and style which are true to you and reflects your passion, vision and purpose. Our heritage at Olivier Mythodrama enables us to train you in the delicate balance of ‘authentic performance’ using Shakespeare’s unique timeless stories or ‘myths’ to unite teams in a deep and memorable way resulting in a new shared language and understanding.

You identity the themes from the story that most resonate, and are coached towards your desired outcome drawing parallels with your own experiences, who you are and how you communicate.

Why adding Leadership Archetypes works

Archetypes are the underlying patterns of human nature and experience that are, often invisibly, ‘running the show’. They deeply inform the character that you as leaders show to the world and the culture of teams and organisations. Deep rooted in each Shakespeare leadership story, are several Archetypes that drive behaviour and culture in individuals, teams and organisations. The better you understand these underlying characteristics, and the more consciously you use them, the more effective you will be as a leader.

The Leadership Programmes

Our Leadership Programmes are like no other. Most of them are available in different formats ranging from a keynote speech to multi-day. Go to Leadership Programmes for more details. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to view our latest videos.