Ethical Leadership

Based on ‘Macbeth’

Who is it for

  • Groups looking for stable leadership after difficult or unsettled periods
  • Organisations facing ethical dilemmas in need of ethical leadership
  • Businesses coming to terms with complex take-overs or mergers
  • Leaders seeking better understanding of their own and others’ leadership styles and their consequences

The impact of this programme

  • Insight into the importance of ethical value systems within an organisation
  • Awareness of the perils of ‘overreaching ambition’
  • A deep understanding of ‘servant leadership’, rooted in measured assessment of self and others
  • Increased sensitivity to attitudes and behaviours that can derail an organisation, along with awareness of potential remedies

Overview of story

Shakespeare’s psychological thriller offers us the contrasting stories of two leaders. Macbeth, corrupted by the seductive lure of power, degenerates from war hero to murderous tyrant. Malcom, by contrast, bides his time, learning the arts of good leadership and forging the alliances necessary for him to restore enlightened rule to Scotland.
Depending on what is driving it, ambition can be a spur to successful action or a catalyst for disaster. This programme focuses on ethical leadership and its power to charge an enterprise with meaning and purpose. It also looks at the shadow side – the perils of unchecked ambition – while exploring the remedies available to organisations that have lost their way.

It helps unearth the hidden motives that will determine which outcome ensues. It provides tools for dealing with dangerous behaviour that could derail an enterprise, while demonstrating how leading with ethical integrity motivates and inspires.

Archetypes at play

Leading – Sovereign / Strategist / Renegade / Explorer
Supporting – Transformer / Warrior

Archetypes - Inspirational Leadership

Format options

Each course comes in multiple formats depending on how immersive an experience you need, or how extensive are the issues you want to overcome.
Key note, half day, 1, 2, 3, 5 days + bespoke programme.

What to expect

Having presence and being able to enhance your natural ‘performance’ is part of being a leader, however don’t worry we do not expect you to perform Shakespeare!