Archetypes are underlying patterns of human nature and experience. As such they are – often invisibly – "running the show". They are embedded in our inner motivations and mindset and deeply rooted in our values. The better we understand these patterns and the more consciously we use them, the more effective we will be. Archetypes at Work™ offers an exciting framework to understand how people act and "what is really going on" – in our life, in our work, and in our deeper self.

There are an ever-increasing number of coaches trained in the Archetypes at Work™ method. They work with anyone seeking to deepen their inner understanding through archetypal lenses.

With these coaches you can schedule regular coaching reviews of your progress. This gives you the ability to process any internal resistance or falling back into old habits – at a frequency to suit each coaching client.

What can archetypal coaching offer?

  • A clear and comprehensive diagnostic framework to identify inner resources on which we rely too much – and those which are underutilized
  • An expanded perspective and a powerful lens to evaluate challenges and opportunities
  • Increased self-awareness that supports and enhances self-confidence
  • An integrated learning practice, combining rational, emotional, physical and imaginative potentials
  • The ability to adapt response energy to meet different circumstances and audiences appropriately
  • Tools and techniques specifically amended for each individual

With archetypal coaching you will:

  • Learn how to work with, and change, limiting and unconscious beliefs and destructive thought patterns
  • Attune to your emotional navigation, learn how to interact with it and be guided by its wisdom
  • Tap into your unique core genius to access motivation and reawaken creativity
  • Create an alignment between energy and ambition and a sense of purpose
  • Manage any necessary or desirable transitions
  • Eliminate undesirable repetitious habits and behaviour
  • Identify, expand and integrate neglected or dormant aspects of self to enable more fulfilling and satisfying self-expression
  • Develop resilience and new ways of working with personality conflicts and relationship challenges
  • Discern clear and authentic personal and professional goals and the most elegant means of achieving them
  • Identify practical real-life scenarios in which to rehearse and embody the desired new energy/archetypal pattern.

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This has had a profound impact on me and my leadership – the best insights I’ve had for years.

VP, McDonald’s Corporation