“Evolving your Story, one Archetype at a time”

There are different parts of us that show up at different times and situations in our life. We are familiar with some of them and not so much with others. Very few of us know how to   identify these parts or how to consciously access them to maximise their positive impact. This method helps you do both.

Using 10 archetypal patterns as a memorable and easy to apply tool for effective work and life, you can learn to enhance your agility and increase your resilience - especially important in challenging times. 

We identify these 10 Archetypes and invite you to think of them as Actors on your ‘inner stage’. You will quickly identify which of the 10 are currently running your show (your Leading Actors) and which are absent (your most Offstage Actors). 

Yet all 10 Archetypes are available to all of us - and all can be activated with conscious choice, awareness and practice. 

We provide the awareness, the learning and the tools you need to become fit for your desired future - to consciously evolve your story - by choosing the Archetype you need to be centre stage. 

What is Archetypes at Work™?

Archetypes at Work™ is a new cutting-edge method to assess and develop people and organizations to become fit for the future. Olivier Mythodrama are the first official partner to undertake this methodology, both in our classic story-led leadership programmes, and as a unique offering.

Archetypes at Work™ offers a comprehensive framework to recognize and understand how people act and “what is really going on” – in individuals, teams and larger organisational systems. Combining psychological depth with a unique creative experiential approach to personal and professional development, this system is practical and accessible.

It offers leaders and organisations the opportunity to assess their current archetypal patterns – both their “Gifts” and their “Shadows” – and then determine a more ‘future-fit’ pattern. Participants then create an archetypal development plan; imagining, rehearsing and ‘acting in’ the desired future.

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Archetypes at Work

What are archetypes? Which archetypes do we use and how do we use them?

Introducing Richard Olivier and Laurence Hillman, founders of Archetypes at Work™. See or for more information.

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